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Product Description


Pre sports rub for cold and wet conditions, provides a cooling and warming sensation to the muscles. Aids in injury prevention and pain relief. Maximises warm up, training and/or post recovery.

Application: This is a concentrated product so use only a small amount and massage into affected areas. Can also be used with Qforce pre sports oil for muscle definition and extra stimulant intensifies your warm up training.

Extra Benefits:

  1. Pre sports activity warm up for active people
  2. Depending on Injury gives warming or cooling sensation
  3. Maximizes warm up training
  4. Can be blended with QForce pre sports oil to maximize warm up results
  5. Helps with pain relief properties
  6. Relieves back ache
  7. Developed on a time release of active essential oils for lasting effects
  8. Suitable for all age groups
  9. Reduces joint pain
  10. Helps wake up the body and get circulation going
  11. Improves the mobility of joints in dampness or cold weather.
  12. Helps relieve pain from arthritis and rheumatism
  13. Used in Hot/ Cold treatment recovery therapy Qrub as Hot part
  14. Running Backs use to max there stop start play performance and recovery both preventative and repair from old injury and weak areas. They combine this with QForce Pre sports oil for added acceleration

QOil Arnica injury oil

Assists in the healing of sprains, strains and bruises. Quickens the healing process and protects while on going training is needed. Ideal first aid application. Soothes muscular and rheumatic pain when massaged into painful areas.

Application: Apply and massage into the affected area. (Do not apply to broken skin)

Extra Benefits:

  1. Assist in healing of sprains, strains and bruises
  2. Protects the body while on going training
  3. First aid application for knocks and falls
  4. Safe for whole family
  5. Scar healing and reduces lines and ugly marks
  6. Deep healing and moisturizing properties
  7. Soothes muscular and rheumatic pain
  8. Deep skin rejuvenation
  9. Relieves very dry and cracked hands, will not irritate anyone with skin conditions acts as a barrier and heals deep into the epidermis
  10. Reduces stretch marks and cellulite effect from skin
  11. Soothes relaxes cramping while sleeping

Anointing oil

Anointing Oil Founder and creator of Qoleum Anointing oil, Rebecca Day, has researched and formulated an exact reproduction of the Anointing oil that would have been used in the time of the old testament , her hope to see people become increasingly free through the power of prayer and Anointing. The ingredients are 100% natural and organic. Every bottle of Anointing oil is hand made to the exact formulation found in the scripture. Exodus 30:23-25 “also take for yourself quality spices, 500 shekels of liquid myrrh, half as much sweet smelling cinnamon (250 shekels), 250 shekels sweet calamus, 500 shekels cassia, according to the shekel of the sanctuary and a hin of olive oil, an ointment compounded according to the act of the perfumer. it shall be the Holy Anointing oil”. Directions for use: For healing and Pastoral care. Can be burnt pure to Sanctify/Bless/Purify the home from sickness, germs, toxins. Applied to body to heal, repair and soothe muscular aches and pains including phantom pains Used in combination with Qrub to maximize performance, recover faster while protecting the body from further injuries.

Flight collection

Flight Qrub 80g “Kicks starts circulation & relieves pain” By working on the exact needs of your body, kick starting and balancing circulation in limbs when flying, reducing muscle fatigue and preventing delayed on set muscles soreness and cramping. Anti-inflammatory, soothing, hydrating and calming properties. Flight QGel 80g “Muscle hydration & reduces swelling” Soothing Gel tunes into exact needs of your body, healing aches & pains in muscles, ligaments, tendons & joints. Improves circulation, reduces swelling, soothes tired aching, heavy stiff legs. Cooling sensation when applied to overheated muscles with calming, moisturising, hydrating properties.


Mild soothing gel for all conditions and can be used at anytime. Cooling sensation when applied and acts on a time release for active oils to soak into painful areas. Can be used pre or post sports when muscles are hot and worked out. Facilitates relief of muscular aches and pains arthritis and rheumatism symptoms. Has healing and injury prevention qualities.

Application: Apply to painful areas anytime of the day.

Extra Benefits:

  1. Mild muscular soothing gel
  2. Cooling sensation when applied and acts on time release for active oils to soak into painful areas.
  3. Facilitates in the prevention of thrombosis when flying
  4. Reduces water retention and improves circulation
  5. Helps to relieve pain of rheumatism and arthritis
  6. Soothes tired aching limbs
  7. Stress buster to relive tension/headaches
  8. Opens sinus and eases headache by calming and soothing
  9. Sports people can use with/or as hot cold treatment therapy’s
  10. Natural ingredients calm and restores mind and body
  11. Faster recovery from hip/knee replacements
  12. Sciatica relief
  13. Reduces swelling of feet
  14. Used in Hot/Cold Treatment recovery therapy QGel is Cold part


Antifriction ointment prevents friction and rubbing from sports kit and equipment. Also facilitates in the prevention of saddle sores, chafing and associated infections, with anti-sweat properties suitable for face use and above eyebrows and prevents blisters on hands.

Application: Apply to affected areas of the body, and/or directly onto chamois of cycling shorts, or apply to skin underneath sports equipment.

Extra Benefits:

  1. Antifriction ointment prevents friction, chafing from the body and rubbing from sports kit and equipment and clothing.
  2. Prevents saddles sores and associated infections
  3. Anti-sweat: athletes use above eyebrows to stop sweat dripping into there eyes very popular with NZ rugby
  4. Water based sports used to prevent blisters only small amount needed and will not loose grip.
  5. can be used on babies with sensitive skin to heal nappy rash
  6. Prevents bedsores on Hospice/hospital patients
  7. Works as a barrier on those with skin condition like exema and psoriasis
  8. Children can use in swimming pool as a protective barrier against the chlorine irritating they skin.
  9. Soldiers use to prevent and heal crotch rot and associated infections
  10. Prevents blisters on feet while dancing, walking/tramping or wearing heels/new shoes
  11. Reduces the appearance of skin conditions
  12. Perfect solution for Linemen especially to prevent irritation, chafing, skin rubbing, underarms, Trapezius, thighs and under equipment.
  13. Soldiers have used to keep Bolt carrier group on M4 lubricated, the action on rifle stayed oiled for longer (keep dust cover closed)


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Applying product

Qrub Cool Burn

Rub into affected areas, can also be used with QForce Pre sports oil for muscles definition and extract stimulant intensifies warm up. For aches and pains apply 3 x day. Extreme sports in either extreme heat or Arctic condition contact for exact usage guide Do not apply to open wounds. This is a topical application.

QOil Arnica Injury oil

Apply and massage into affected areas, for Children apply over bruised areas Do not apply to open wounds. This is a topical application.

Anointing oil

For athletes massage into body concentrate on muscle groups used in training/competition. For non- athletes apply to through massage or can be added to bath water for deeper relaxation or when using steam room apply to skin before. Do not apply to open wounds. This is a topical product
For Churches/Pastoral care apply through Anointing and or can be burnt pure over a tealight in a oil burner only a small amount is needed.

Flight Collection

Flight Qrub

Apply to areas of discomfort lower back, neck, feet before, during & after flying. If combined with Flight QGel apply before and at end of flight.

Flight QGel

Apply to area feet ankles legs & wrists before, during and after flying to prevent/ reduce swelling. If combined with Flight Qrub apply before flight, middle of the flight.

QGel Soothing “O”

Apply to areas of discomfort, aches & pains, swelling & after sun. For athletes apply directly after training or competition to muscle groups. Extreme sports in either extreme heat or Arctic conditions contact for exact usage guide. Do not apply to open wounds. This is a topical application.

QFriction Antifriction “O”

Apply directly to the skin on affected areas for prevention or repair. Can be applied to face, above eyebrows to prevent sweat. For Children acts as a barrier age against chlorine/sea water then apply over the area of eczema/psoriasis only small amount is needed. For amputees wearing prosthetics apply to stump and areas wear prosthetic is attached. Do not apply on open deep wounds. This is a topical application. Will not damage Neoprene/wetsuits/compression fabrics.  


Qrub Cool Burn

Purified water, vegetable derived cetearyl alcohol, Organically grown Grapeseed (Vitis Vinifera), Organic Grapeseed extract, Beeswax, glyceryl sterate, Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol), vegetable glycerine, Organic Peppermint oil (Menthe Arvensis), phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, Arnica oil (Arnica Montana), Organic Calendula oil (Calendula officinalis), St John’s wort infused oil, Menthol, Capsicum oleoresin, Capsicum frutsecens, Chilli seed oil (Capsicum annum), Vitamin A (Palmitate vegetable based)

QGel Soothing ‘O”

Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller), Organic Rose hip (Rosa Rubiginosa), Organic Clove (Syzygium Aromaticum), Organic Manuka (Leptospermum Scoparium), Calendula flower extract, Calendula (Calendula Officinalis), Arnica (Arnica Montana), Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)

QFriction Antifriction O

Organic Calendula officinalis, petroleum jelly, Organic Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Organic Teatree (Malaleuca alternifolia), Wheatgerm (Triticum Vulgare), Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)

QOil Arnica Injury Oil

Sunflower oil certified organic (helianthus Anuus), Wheatgerm (Triticum Vulgare), Arnica (Arnica Montana), Calendula infused Organic, Calendula flower extract (Calendula officinalis), Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)
Only the finest ingredients are blended together 100% natural, organically grown, Certified organic USDA, Certified organic Bio gro.