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 About Us

Founder/Director Rebecca Day

Rebecca Day is the Founder & Owner of Qoleum & Collections. Rebecca is the inventor of the acclaimed Qoleum range which came from a passion for healing and prevention, gained whilst working with top professional athletes as a sports physio/muscle therapist. As a result, Qoleum products are known throughout the world for their reliable, unique benefits and are used by a wide range of people such as high performance and endurance athletes, and those focused on injury prevention and wound and injury recovery.

When working as a pro-sports physio in the UK and Europe, Rebecca found it impossible to find products that could do what her clients needed, so in 1997 she began researching and investigating ancient material looking for timeless natural ingredients. She then combined these with modern, scientifically proven ingredients to develop innovative products able to go deep to seek out problem areas and guard areas, delivering the results that her clients needed.


Today Qoleum delivers no-doping, zero-narcotic products designed for pro-athletes focused on optimal performance. Qoleum is made from the purest natural ingredients – some that selectively sourced throughout the world; some that are derived from indigenous plants found only in New Zealand. Qoleum products are made from recipes known only by Rebecca.

These products are highly beneficial for active people in stressful jobs or for the inactive whether a wounded soldier, a disabled person or someone whose career requires them to remain alert. They are also for those transitioning rehabilitation to others needing to keep their bodies rejuvenated, free of aches and pains and finely tuned so they can take on anything!

In recent years Rebecca’s passion for R&D has develop an interest in bio-mechanics searching for better transition repair and muscle healing to maximize performance beyond normal capabilities and finding and further understanding the connections between the body and brain. Rebecca’s continuing passion for searching and formulating products is motivated by the needs of close family members and she considers herself fortunate to be able to help so many people from all walks of life in many countries.


Case Studies

What People Say About Us

I started using Qoleum products in 1997 in UK when I was 1st year Pro. Back then Qoleum was a brand new company and I was the guinea pig for most of the products you see today (except perhaps the horse products.) Over the last decade I’ve relied on Qoleum products to give me that “extra edge” over my competitors in everything from club races to my Commonwealth Games medal. If you are serious about your sport, then I highly recommend Qoleum.

Commonwealth Games medalist Oceania Champion & Pro Tour winner 5 x NZ Road Race Champion.
Gordon McCauleyCommonwealth Games Medalist / World Masters Games Champion

The “Knight Blend” has helped clear my severe psoriasis when nothing else has worked. I’ve been suffering with psoriasis for the past fifteen years and the condition has worsened over time. I’ve seen numerous dermatologists and taken oral prescriptions and used every form of topical ointment including very strong steroids. I was actually very skeptical about using the “Knight Blend” as I’d grown to believe that nothing would work. I had cancer a few years ago which eliminates me from using medications that lower my immune system and honestly, I’d rather deal with psoriasis than cancer. The Qoleum blend not only stopped the very irritating itch that lead to daily leg bleeding, it has also all but cleared the psoriasis and plaque completely. I’m really glad I found this Qoleum product and would encourage others to overcome their skepticism and give it a try. You, like me, have everything to gain and nothing to lose. I’d pay for this product just to stop the itching but it even cleared the problem all together. Thanks Team Qoleum J I can once again wear shorts in the summer…………yes!

Kent KnightMidland Texas

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Details of the Recommendation: "Hello to all, I am one of the many wounded American soldiers that Rebecca Day looks after with her products Qoleum. I am a Special Forces medic, that on November 14, 2007 I was blown up by an IED in the Helmond Province, Afghanistan. I was medically retired for the injuries that I sustained and for years I have been taking some pretty hard core pain pills so that I could function throughout the day. Rebecca found out about me through a mutual friend that we both have at a non-profit organization called Reel Thanxs out of Texas. Since then I have been receiving Rebecca’s Qoleum products. I never promote any product but this one has given me back a large part of my physical life. This is a product that if I was still on a Special Forces A-Team I would be giving it to all of my guys and would recommend it to all others. Just like being a top athlete soldiers need products that can help them recover fast and safe without any side effects like Qoleum that is a 100% Natural.."

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